Why You should Interview a Potential Homebuyer

Every day in our lives we meet, talk and transact with people. This is how we measure the intellect, personality, and thinking motor of a human. Communication is a key factor in business too. When we interact with others we are able to know more about them. When it comes to real estate, specifically home buying and selling it is important to understand your potential customer. And it is only through communication that you are able to understand what your client is looking for.

It is essentially important to vet a potential home buyer, gauge his or her capacity and seriousness. Interviewing a potential home buyer affords you the opportunity to assume the role of advisor.

So why should you interview a home buyer? To learn what they want, where they want it, why they want it, and their budget. As a realtor, it is important to understand the Why of your potential client. The why will enable you to understand the specific needs of the potential home buyer. How do you know the Why? Start by interviewing your client, ask them what exactly they are looking for, their motivation to make the desired change, get an in-depth understanding of your client. Then you’ll be able to offer options.

Understanding the clients’ needs will allow you to offer available options that are best suited for your potential client. Once you are able to understand what is my client really looking for then offering options that are in line with your client shouldn’t be hard.

Knowing where your potential client is looking to put down roots is fundamental. Location is also a critical consideration when it comes to home buying. Ask your client their preferred location. This will help you to know key motivators about your client.

Do you know the budget your potential client is working with? Money is also a very important determinant. Money can dictate the location, structure, square meters, and so much more. Additional money can dictate how fast someone gets to make a purchase.

Interviewing a potential home buyer will assist you in knowing what your client wants and needs. It will help you to offer options that match the exact needs of your client.  Understanding your client will ultimately make them happy. And happy clients leads to referrals!

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