Who Is In Your Circle?

Have you ever had to sit through a conversation with someone who has completely different feelings and opinions from you? It can get frustrating especially if don’t agree with any of their sentiments. Maybe you tend to hang around people with the same thought process as you or somewhat similar discourse. Ultimately, this means you rarely have completely opposing sentiments about things. Isn’t that what friendship is based on? bonding over things and having a unified bond which occasionally translates to sharing similar beliefs.

Some might argue friendship doesn’t always have to be about people who have something in common bringing them together. Some friendships have sprouted between people who are completely different from one another. It is how they are able to deal with these differences that have helped them maintain these types of friendships. But I would like to very much point out that people tend to hang around people who are similar to them, blame it on psychology.

The metamorphosis of friendship. Relationships that start with a shared experience, feeling, taste, and even location have something attached to their genesis story. It is through this that they are able to get an opportunity to interact and in the long run form meaningful relationships. Just like networking, friendship is about putting yourself out there.

Think about all the different kinds of relationships you have in your life. What are they built on? It is crucial to surround yourself with people who bring out positive elements of you. This helps in you being the best version of yourself. If you hang around people who are negative and basically complacent it means you will be too. Choose whom to surround yourself with. Because as human beings we are motivated and inspired by things around us. And as much as you are your own person the people who are constantly in your circle will influence your mindset.

Choosing, having, and knowing the right people is a very important aspect of every relationship. Partnerships, relationships, businesses all rely on having the right people to either back you up, support the vision, motivate you, and get you started. So ensure you have the right people on your side. They too play a major role.


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