To Buy or To Rent.

Investing in a home is a dream many have. A place to exclusively call yours, a place you could make any sort of changes or adjustments without having to consult anyone, maybe your spouse. Owning a house gives you a certain kind of freedom. Whereas renting gives you an exit plan when necessary. Think about it like this,  the house is no longer big enough to fit all of your furniture, Moving is an option, the house isn’t big enough to accommodate your growing family, Move to a bigger house, Water problems? Drainage problems? Electricity problems? Noise? Insecurity? The easiest and quickest way to solve all this is to move to another house or apartment. Renting offers you a lot of flexibility.

So the question remains, To Buy or To Rent?

Each of these have their own set of pros and cons. We take a deeper insightful look at each option in order to leave you well informed about each of them.


  • When you Buy something it becomes Yours. You own it. You have absolute control over it.
  • You pay for it once, or maybe in monthly installments and then you are done. Once you have fully finished paying what you owe. No one will come knocking for you to pay rent.
  • You get a sense of stability, belonging (especially in gated communities) and pride of ownership.


  • Flexibility, You can move out anytime you want.
  • You don’t have any taxes you pay.
  • The Landlord is in charge of most repairs and maintenance issues.


Each of these options has a lot to offer. To learn more, click here: 

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