To Buy or To Build A House.

A home is a big solid investment. Many people aspire to own a home, some prefer to buy others to build. Buying a home offers you convenience, It’s fast. Convenience comes in when you consider how fast you get to move in, how quickly the process is when you have the money. You go house hunting; this can be a tedious process at times you find a house you like you begin the journey to homeownership.

Building a house, on the other hand, things tend to drag themselves a bit. There is a lot that goes into building a house. First the location of where your building is a factor. Do you have a piece of land where you intend to build the house? If you don’t you begin the purchasing process of land. This can take a bit long especially getting your title deed as well as approval to start building from the respective organizations. Therefore, construction of the house gets stalled. Let’s look on the upside; Longterm, building your own house can effectively prove to be cheaper. For example, In Kenya, the amount of money you would use to buy raw materials getting a contractor all the nitty-gritties involved in building may prove to be cheaper than buying an actual house.

Building a house offers you the luxury of having everything customized to your liking. You will pick interior decor pieces that you like and can afford. The house will be authentic to who you are and what you like and can afford. A built house means everything is new and shiny. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you will start having repair issues.

When you buy a house it means that there is a chance you will need to fix something, maybe change the wallpaper, repaint something.  The likelihood of something needing to change will definitely occur. So if you want a house that fully conforms to your needs and wants you might consider building your own home.

Here is the beauty of getting an already built house, Sometimes specific area codes are full and you can’t acquire a piece of land to build because none is left. So you may want to live in area A but there is no room to accommodate you. However, You may find someone selling their house in area A, you buy the house and end up living in that area because you got a house for sale. The time you spend looking for a house and acquiring the house is shorter than the one you’ll use building the house. With buying, you may end up getting a house that is fully furnished. The things in the house may go with what you’re looking for, this may end up helping you to cut costs. There is a lot that could be said about whether to build or buy.

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