Tips On Preparing Your Home For Resale.

Thinking of re-selling your house? There are some factors you should consider before you put your house on the market. We share with you some tips on preparing your house for resale:

1) Think like a buyer

  • What does the buyer want to see?
  • What does the buyer want to hear?
2) Make your house appealing
  • Do some  landscaping
  • Re-paint the house to give it a new feel and look
  • Ensure it is clean.
3. Make repairs/ Renovating is key.
  • Broken fittings
  • Wall cracks
  • leakage caused by old pipes
  • Missing fittings
4. Price the house accordingly
  • Do a market analysis
  • Consult an expert

With these few considerations and adjustments, your house is now ready for selling!

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