Property Letting

We market vacant residential and commercial spaces to ensure the least amount of days a property stays vacant and in getting quality occupants.

  • Property visit and inspection – To establish if the quoted price matches the market and also to identify if the property is up to standard or requires any improvements
  • Marketing – We market to ensure the least amount of days the property is vacant and in getting a quality tenant


Property Management

Here we undertake the following activities;

  • Preparing The Property – A visual inspection will be performed on your property to note if any improvements can be made to better market the property and realize maximum return.
  • Market Analysis –  We will conduct a comprehensive market analysis prior to marketing your property in order to obtain the maximum reasonable rental amount based on type of property, location and neighborhood, size and market demand
  • Marketing –  We do this to ensure the least amount of days the property is vacant and in getting a quality tenant
  • Qualifying/ vetting Prospective Tenants – This is to ensure that we have selected the most qualified and quality tenant for your property.
  • Preparing the Lease Agreement –  In order to properly secure tenants prior to occupancy.
  • Inspection Prior to Occupancy – In order to accurately document the condition of the property prior to tenant taking possession.
  • Rent collections and Remittances/ statements – Detailing all income and pre-approved expenditures on the property
  • Security and cleaning services – Coordination and management
  • Utility and Bills payments to relevant bodies as appropriate including water, electricity, rates and any other as may be assigned and agreed
  • Periodic Maintenance and Repairs in consultation/ approval by the landlord / Landlady
  • Annual property Inspections – To include checking and documenting the condition of your property along with any maintenance requirements
  • Lease Renewals – We will update our Market Analysis upon expiration of the current lease and advise you on appropriate rent adjustments and/or renewing leases
  • Exit Inspections – Upon the tenant vacating, a detailed exit inspection will be performed. Condition of your property will be documented. Any damage by tenant will be noted in order to properly disburse the tenant’s security deposit.
  • Monthly rent is collected from tenants by 5th of every month and deposited into the property manager’s bank account.
  • Monthly rent collections then transferred to the landlord’s provided bank account at an agreed date of every month- after deducting applicable commissions and pre-approved expenditures accompanied by a statement of accounts.
  • A contract is signed between the property manager (PMC Estates Ltd) and thelandlord/ property owners outlining all pre-agreed terms of engagement.
  • Security, cleaning and garbage disposal services are outsourced in consultation with the property owner/ landlord.


Property Sale

Partnering with clients and property developers to market and sell their property in the most efficient way

Property Renovations

This we undertake though improving broken, damaged, or outdated residential and commercial structures aimed at restoring the original look of the property or giving a new look to outdated structures.

Property Valuation

We undertake valuation of residential, commercial and industrial properties conducted by our team of valuers who apply an in-depth market knowledge, experience, research and analysis across a range of sectors to ensure that we have an in depth appreciation of our client’s requirements

Property Sourcing

We source property to purchase on behalf of new clients and those who want more to build on their real estate portfolio.

Property Investments Advisory

This we do by first understanding the needs of our customers and investors on what kind of property they want to engage in and for what purpose and then providing best solutions based on their needs.

Why Choose PMC Estates?

  • We remit your Rental Income on time
  • We help you maximize your Rental Income
  • Zero-gap occupancy- We ensure 100% occupancy for your property
  • We ensure timely and quality repairs and renovations
  • Regular communication and updates regarding your property
  • Wide range of benefits such as
    • Cash advance against your rental income
    • First month free of management
    • Facelifts/ renovations financing
    • Half month rental income advanced payment upon signing up
    • Guaranteed annual management fees discounts

We promise you a peace of mind while you Earn maximum value from your property