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These units are spacious, stylish, and built to the highest standards. The units are suitable for investment as well residential purposes. The development provides a cool and serene environment, without forgetting the mature trees that make the place even more homely and lively. The security systems are also in place, installed with the modern homeowner in mind.

An outstanding feature about the development is the spacious kids play area and also the freshwater supply that is supplemented by the borehole water and the City Council of Mavoko.

Other features include:

Lounge Area
Children’s Playground
Modern High Class finishes & Fittings
Ample Parking
Laundry/ Drying Area
Street lighting

The prices for the houses are as follows;

1bed 2.95M

2bed master ensuite 4.95M

3bed master ensuite 6.5M.

Currently, we have a hot cash discount, when you pay cash you get a 10%discount!

Mortgage and installment options are also available.