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EbbyDan Apartments in kayole located in Mbuya neighborhood near Tushauriane area is a newly renovated apartment block housing 12 one-bedroom units. EbbyDan has a pleasant overall atmosphere with good light quality, modern finishing, and sufficient ventilation.

Each apartment has its unique features, some have an open plan kitchen, others have a closed kitchen, a veranda, or a personal tank.

Features & Amenities

  • Tenant parking
  • Recessed private apartment entrance
  • Spacious sitting room and dining area
  • Modern fitted kitchen (open plan & closed)
  • Sufficient water supply
  • Rooftop sitting, cooking, and hanging area
  • Kitchen veranda
  • Tiled bathrooms fitted with instant water heaters
  • Terrazzo flooring in common areas
  • Electricity token
  • Personal water meters
  • Resident caretaker.


The Neighbourhood

Mbuya neighbourhood is known for its security, child-friendly environment, and proximity to an array of social amenities.

This includes Kayole market and Naivas supermarket that are both within walking distance.

Schools: Tabby Junior Academy, Bondeni Primary, Bethliza Academy.

Hospital: Kayole hospital, Tushauriane bus stop, Petrocam petrol station, and co-operative and equity bank.


Rent at: Ksh 7,000 to 10,000 one bedroom

One Month rent plus one month deposit inclusive of garbage collection once a week.

Electricity Tokens so no deposit required.

One Month notice as per lease agreement