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Spacious 4 Bedroom House To Let- Loresho-Waterfront Gardens

This is a charming double-storey home in a well-organized gated community with a frontage and back garden replete with well-maintained lawns. The ground floor areas are an excellent size with the living and dining rooms receiving an abundance of natural light. The house is built with high-quality wood frame doors and windows.  Located along Waiyaki way, approx. 100m off Waiyaki way.

Features & Amenities 

  • Granite kitchen countertops and hardwood cabinetry.
  • Spacious pantry.
  • Open plan dining room to living room with 2 sets of double doors leading to a terrace overlooking the back yard and an entrance to a small stream.
  • The ground floor is has a guest bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and separate visitors cloakroom
  • The first floor has 3 bedrooms with the master being en-suite.
  • The master bedroom has a private and secure balcony with breathtaking views
  • All the bedrooms have built-in wardrobes.
  • The layout of this house is refreshingly practical and “normal”, a perfect family home
  • Staff accommodation for one
  • Perimeter wall with an electric fence
  • Parking slots for 3 cars one being inside the front yard
  • 24/7 security
  • Paved streets with street lights
  • 5 mins drive to Westlands shopping centre.
  • Rental Ksh 110,000




Property Manager