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Prime Residential land for a Joint Venture in Mwimuto

It is located along Kitisuru West rd off, Getathuru Rd, and only 500 meters from Mwimuto shopping center. It’s a 15 minutes’ drive from Sarit center and a 30 minutes’ drive from the CBD.

The land is subdivided into 3, 1/8th acre plots and it has red soil. The most outstanding feature of this piece of land is that it is tucked in a gentle slope, hence breathtaking and scenic views from the property.

The land is suitable for commercial residential development, since high-rise buildings are coming up in the area, and the rental prices are also coming up. A 1 bedroom fetches 12,000-16,000 and a 2 bedroom fetches 28,000-32,000 per month.
It’s an excellent location due to the multiple access routes such as the Northern Bypass, Southern bypass, Waiyaki-Redhill link, and also the Lower Kabete rd.

Water and electricity connections are already done around the area, making it easier for connections.

Price: Ksh 7 Million for 1/8th of an acre.