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Land for sale in Riara Ridge Limuru along Nazareth Hospital Road.

The land constitutes 4.4 acres with an acre touching the tarmac, eliminating the road reserve.

It is located along Nazareth road, approximately 3km from Nazareth hospital, and 1.5Km from Fuschia Gardens. Additionally, the land is only a 10 minutes drive to Limuru town.

The location for the land is a win since it can be accessed through multiple roads, through Kiambu rd, Ruaka banana, and also through Tigoni.

It is close to major amenities such as Brookhill school, Kiawaroga Police Post, Nazareth hospital, and North Riara Ridge Academy.

NB: 2 acres are on a gentle slope, and 2 acres are on a relatively flat land

Selling Price Ksh 20M per acre.