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Location- Thika-Gatura Road C67 (a perfect tarmac road) less than 5 minutes’ drive from Blue Post Thika Road Junction.


The property was originally 921 acres and have below available parcels:


  1. 1/4 Acres plots
  2. 5 Acre blocks
  3. 9.57 Acre Block
  4. 10 Acre Blocks
  5. 97.21 Acre Block
  6. 93.8 Acre Block
  7. 86.0 Acre Block
  8. 95.38 Acre Block
  9. 64.82 Acres Block
  10. 75.64 Acre Block

Strengths of our property;

  1. The property is easily accessible via a tarmacked and well maintained C67 Thika – Gatura Road
  2. It’s a short 5 minutes’ drive from Thika superhighway via Exit 18at Blue Post Hotel
  3. It’s in the neighborhood of great developments such as Bahati Ridge, Golden Pearl, Urithi’s Panorama Gardens, Thika Greens Golf Estate
  4. The capital appreciation potential in Thika is enormous
  5. The soils are deep and red. Very good for both construction and landscaping.
  6. Power is available on site
  7. Water is easily accessible on-site
  8. The climate is moderate and very comfortable to live
  9. Thika town is a vibrant gateway to (and a dormitory town for) Nairobi
  10. Thika is strategically located in access to Nanyuki, Isiolo, and Ethiopia. Continually promoting business and capital appreciation
  11. Kenya Railways Corporation is in the process of rehabilitating the Nairobi – Nanyuki line and this shall continue to open up Thika as a great investment location for logistics
  12. The planned extension of Thika dual carriageway to Nyeri towards Nanyuki will further continue to open up Thika properties for appreciation making it ideal for logistics
  13. Thika should be getting an extended light rail easing connection to Nairobi.



Selling Price: Kshs 13M per Acre