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This is a well structured and designed double storey house within the tranquil high-end area of Kileleshwa near Kenya High School. The house is on its own compound


  1. A unique design offering 6 bedrooms, 4 being ensuite and 2 sharing
  2. Very well lit with fine finishes
  3. The entrance welcomes you to the lounge with big glass windows and functional fireplace
  4. Separate dining area.
  5. A separate lounge for relaxing.
  6. Generous and fitted kitchen that comes with granite kitchen tops, plenty of cabinets, a shelved pantry and tiled floor
  7. The guest ensuite bedroom makes it very convenient for guests. It has spacious wardrobes and the bathroom has a cubicle shower offering your guests enough privacy.
  8. Red carpeted staircase ushers you to the bedrooms with ample wardrobes, cubicle showers, dressing mirror, and sink basin
  9. Warm family room
  10. The master ensuite bedroom offers maximum comfort with its high ceilings, ample walk-in closets, cubicle shower, sink basin, and a dressing mirror.
  11. A Study room that makes it convenient to work from home
  12. A well-landscaped yard with flower beds and tall trees that offers a serene view and ultimate privacy as well as security
  13. An in-built garage

This beautiful house will definitely offer you a lavish lifestyle.

Rent: Kshs 300,000

Call or Whatsapp 0700 350 350. #JipangePoaNaPMC