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The house has a very spacious compound both front and back. It sits on 1/4 of an acre in a Prime location in Thome.

It has an interior garage with double parking, with two separate gates.  It has a servants quota which is spacious and has a spacious bathroom, bedroom area, and laundry area.

The entire house is tiled with very gorgeous tiles. There is also an extra room that can serve as the storage for the kitchen. This extra room has a door that leads to the backyard.

The kitchen is also spacious, it has big kitchen cabinets nicely finished. The living room area is also spacious and there is also a dining room area. Large windows that bring in plenty of lights, Curtain rods that are high up. A sink in the dining room area, beautiful lights and a chimney. There is also another door in the living room area that leads outside. A guest bathroom is also available downstairs.

The staircase leading Upstairs is beautifully tiled. There is a door that gives you access to the upstairs rooms. The Master bedroom is spacious, it is ensuite, it has a big wardrobe space. There is also a balcony that overlooks the road on the front side. The second bedroom upstairs has wardrobes and a balcony as well that overlooks the spacious backyard. Bedrooms 3 &4 share a very spacious common bathroom.

The backyard of this house is very big, it can accommodate literally anything.  There is a kitchen garden and storage water tanks.

Some other amenities of this house include Underground water storage of 6000 litres, 20.5 litres of water storage. Tinted windows, A perimeter wall, an electric fence behind the house, Tarmac road that leads up to the house. And a flower fence.


Price: Ksh 40 Million