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  • 32 apartment spread over 4 floors–(16 units of 1 bedroom and 16 units of 2 bedroom apartments).
  • Gated & secure compound– with security guard & CCTV cameras.
  • Ample parking– ground floor parking can accommodate 16 cars outside front 10 cars.
  • Borehole– 175-meter borehole with 3 phase pump supplying water to all apartment. Each apartment has its own water meter.
  • Generator– 3 phase supplying power for borehole, corridor and security lights.
  • Kplc prepaid meters– in all apartments.
  • Children playground-with swings, slides, monkey bars, sandpits and see-saw.
  • Roof terrace– has 32 dhobi sinks with cloth drying wires.
  • Maintenance– workshop fully equipped with power tools and storage area
  • Safaricom Fibre – Installation underway to be completed within the month.

The property occupies 1/8 acre and is located at Kenya – Israel area, Machakos, 100metres off Nairobi –Machakos rd. The access road to the property is tarmacked.


The property has automated daily operational workflow, with 10 CCTV cameras for surveillance, 2 trained caretakers who are primarily responsible for marketing, screening & managing potential tenants, and property management software that facilitate payments and stores property data.

This enables the property owner to remotely monitor and manage the property in real-time from any part of the world both locally and internationally. This automated property management system significantly saves time and money.

Price &Financials:

Rentals commenced in August 2018. Apartments are 100% fully occupied.

Monthly Revenue:

16-one bed units @12,000 monthly =192,000

16- two bed units @16,000monthly=256,000

Borehole water income from tenants=50,000

Total monthly income =Kshs 498,000

    Annual Gross Return on Investment is 12.5%

Factored into this percentage is an annual appreciation of 5%

Potential Income Growth:

The apartment building foundation is designed to hold 7 floors so one can build an additional 3 floors

Property Manager