The “Landlord Rent Bila Stress” product entails partnering with landlords and property owners in management of their rental properties.  PMC Estates specializes in Letting and management of both residential and commercial properties in Kenya.  The key driver behind this initiative is to empower investors in properties to grow their wealth through mutual partnerships that will propel social and economic prosperity”

Key Benefits

1. Cash advance against rental income

The is among the key benefits where property owners will get a chance for cash advancement against managed properties. This maybe for purposes of construction, mortgage or loan repayments or a personal need. The advanced funds shall then be recovered over an agreed period of time through rent collections.  This is a great opportunity we are providing to the landlords as they will no longer have to wait for the month to end in order to access cash. The landlord will also have an opportunity to access more cash than the property is giving in a particular month”

2. Property facelifts/ improvements financing

Property owners and landlords will have an opportunity to get customized financing to improve the standard of their property which will in-turn have a ripple effect on the rental value leading to more income. We commit not only to finance facelifts, improvements, repairs and renovations to ensure the landlord earns more from his/her investment but also carry out a thorough inspection of the property to present to the owner a detailed report proposal with budgets on the needed works to be done.

3. First month free management

Landlords will have an opportunity to enjoy first month without being charged management fees as the property onboarding process goes on

4. Guaranteed management fees discounts

Upon signing up a property for management, the landlord is guaranteed of enjoying a 1-month discount after every six months for the first 1 year.

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