How Well Do You Know Your Tenants?

As a rental property owner, it is important to screen your tenants before occupancy.
Screening entails looking into someone’s background and history. Because as a rental property owner you are getting ready to move new people into a home you own. The potential tenant owes you a willingness for complete disclosure.

How do you go about the screening?
Ask questions that give you an idea of whom you’re dealing with.

Why are you moving?
Listen to the answers carefully you may notice some red flags. Find out whether they are moving because of an eviction or a bad relationship with their current landlord. Bad tenants often bring their problems with them. Instead, look for legitimate reasons like the need for a larger place for a family or changing jobs.

When do you plan on moving in?
This helps you as the Landlord to make necessary arrangements to get the house in the best possible shape. So that when the tenant moves in they can find a house that doesn’t have maintenance issues, and also it makes the process smooth and easy.

What is your monthly income?
Now, this is a very personal question, Therefore, it only applies in very specific situations. If the house or the apartment is high end and pricey it is important to know whether the potential tenant can afford the rent.

How many people will be living in the house?
More people simply means more wear-and-tear. You’ll either want to adjust the rent, security deposit or restrict the number of people. This is also a good time to find out if they have any pets that will be living in the apartment. If you have a “no pet” policy, you may mutually disqualify each other and won’t have to do a showing that was never going anywhere.

It is also important to have the tenant fill in a rental application consenting to the rules and regulations of the house. This will ensure both of you understand what each of you can and can’t do.

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