How to Handle People With Different Ideologies From You.

As human beings, we are all uniquely different. We might have shared experiences with different people however we are programmed differently, a sense of individuality. Think of identical twins they come out looking exactly alike but if you pay close attention to them, they have distinctive features that are irrefutably different. It can be the way one smiles, or talks, their posture, their demeanor, or beliefs. They may look the same, but they are different people with their own individuality. Away from twins, think about siblings, they grow up most of the time in the same household, they are afforded the same things in life most of the time but this doesn’t mean that they will have the same qualities and feelings as each other. The best example would be the story of Cain and Able.

Now if siblings can be this different, Imagine someone you’re not related to. The differences may be astounding. In business people are brought together by the desire to provide and inadvertently make money. Therefore, this means different people with different ideologies.

How to handle people with completely different ideologies from you

First, it is important to remember that not everyone will agree with your approach or point of view. Some may have slightly different yet similar approaches like yours and then there will be others who have a very different approach and thought process. If both of you decide to try and prove why their way is the right way things will definitely get out of hand. Leading to an environment where things are left in a state of limbo. This is not good for any business.

Listening and acknowledging the other person’s views is recommended. It opens the channels of communication and understanding while reducing unnecessary conflict in the office. Bruised egos, brought about by directly challenging someone’s convictions without considering where they are coming from or once again their thought process.

Be aware of the situation and know when to draw back and let the other person feel like you are putting into consideration their status. It’s all about a give and take approach. Know when to give and at what percentage in order to make the other person feel heard and seen as well as having you part with less.

Respect their point of view and do not try to change it. If you have shared your own sentiments and they do not agree with them and you don’t agree with theirs either. Do not force it, your aim is not to persuade them to agree with you. Instead, your goal is to bring about a mutually respectful and collaborative relationship regardless of your ideological positions.

It is important to know when to cut your losses and move on. This means you have to know when it’s time to concede. Conceding does not mean you suddenly share the same point of view, but simply not engaging and arguing about the same thing. Simply agree to disagree and move on. Concessions sometimes we have to make them.

Different doesn’t always mean bad. Sometimes it means just that, different.


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