Five Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment.

We share some five easy ways you can spruce up your apartment.

       1. Plants

Plants have a way of bringing any room to life. It adds some presence. Flowers on a vase around a room are sure to make your house lively.
       2. Wallpaper
Wallpaper makes a statement. People forget that walls are such a big part of the house, if left bare, walls can look empty. Wallpaper captures your style and vibe and you can switch it up from time to time whenever you need to change things. Also, it’s a cheaper alternative. They are low maintenance and you can decide to have each room with different wallpaper. It’s a way to express yourself and channel your creativity.
   3. Change your curtains/drapes
It’s important to consider the purpose your curtains/drapes will serve in any given room, what do you want to achieve with them; is it privacy or a splash of colour? Once you have determined the purpose of the curtains/drapes it is important to choose curtains that will blend well with the aesthetic of the room. Remember the length of the drapes also determines the final outlook of any room.    4. Art/Paintings
They offer versatility and make any room come alive. Art gives a room personality it also gives you an opportunity to channel your own personal style to your house. Someone can get a sense of who you are from the art you choose to display.

   5.  Change your bulbs
Lighting changes the ambience of any room. It sets the mood and feeling of a house. Switch up your bulbs from the standards ones. It’s important to consider each room’s function in order to optimize your home’s lighting. Also, you can decide to change your fixtures. Why don’t you put up a nice chandelier in your living room and see how your house lights up literally.

There are plenty more budget-friendly ways you can upgrade your house or apartment, these are just to get you going if and when you’re ready to try.
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